Angel Borrelli Pitching Products

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Strength Training the Elbow for Baseball Pitchers: Digital Edition

The number of elbow injuries and surgeries continue to increase each year and solutions to this epidemic always start with knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great to read something that clearly and simply breaks down all you need to know about the pitching fingers, wrists, forearm and elbow and gives you workouts for every season and every need?

First-Pitch Strike Warm-up and Recovery Program DVD with Added Features

The First-Pitch Strike Warm-up & Recovery Program for the pitching arm is a one-of-a kind program that takes the idea of arm preparation and repair to a whole new level. DVD with special printable feature for Workout Sheets and the How and Why Handbook.

Pitching Velocity – Breaking it down to the skill

There are “skills within the skill” of pitching and the pitcher’s ability to perform those skills directly affects how well he will perform. Velocity of the pitch begins developing through the rotation of the pitcher’s body.  How well he does it and how efficiently he performs it determines how much force will be passed on to the ball.  My book gives you all the background information you need to understand it as well as learn how to do it…correctly and efficiently.

Look It Up: Kinesiology Reference

You can’t remember everything …. But you need to know everything

Look-it-Up is a One-of-a-Kind simple-to-use Kinesiology Reference Guide that’s just the right size to carry around! Look-it-Up is a quick source for:

  • planes of motion
  • muscle actions by joint
  • joint actions by muscle
  • muscle attachments
  • two-joint muscles…and more!