The Game Plan: How I Work

Baseball Catcher and phrases: Your injuries, velocity history, ERA, Structural Condition, level of strength & power, physiological development

Gathering the Information

You can expect the most integrated approach to the analysis, game plan, and intervention for the solutions to your pitching issues.  You can also expect the same level of tremendous results that have been reported by my clients for the past 28 years.  The solutions will provide immediate results as well as give you a roadmap for your continuous progress over the coming years.

The Next Step:  Filming

The pitching motion occurs in less than a second.  Filming you from four different angles provides me with the visual evidence of what you are actually doing during each moment of your pitch.  Regardless of whether we need to compare one type of pitch to another, or your wind-up delivery to the stretch, any scenario can be investigated.

Followed by:  Pitching Analysis

Using biomechanical and kinesiological principles as a basis, an analysis is performed to determine the efficiency of your performance as well as your effectiveness in the execution of the key actions necessary for the pitching motion.  Reasons for injuries or pain can be explained as well as areas where improvement can take place.

The result:   your custom-designed game plan…determining where to start and how to affect the change.

the Gymscience™ difference
it’s in the solutions!

The sessions begin, the changes occur immediately, and before you know it, you are a better pitcher!

While getting feedback about your pitching is important, it can be dangerous if information as to how & what to do is not included.  And the solution is more than just being told what not to do!  A real solution includes teaching you what you’re doing, what you should be doing, how to feel it, how to strengthen it, and ways to be able to repeat it.  This involves body positioning, movement education, general and skill specific exercises and drills, and ways to integrate the new skill into your existing pitching style.

My Philosophy

No matter the age or level of a pitcher, each pitcher needs to understand what is supposed to be happening during each phase of the pitching motion.  The pitcher needs to see his pitching motion on film with feedback as to how well he produces the necessary movements.  He then needs to feel and be taught how to improve that which needs improving…while retaining that which is special about his own particular pitching style.

Pitchers are athletes that pitch.  For too long, pitchers have been disregarded and neglected when it comes to serious powerful training methods.  For this reason, injuries that should not occur happen and sometimes end promising careers too soon.  Matching the needs of the mechanics and the physiology of the pitcher to the pitcher’s training is essential.