The ten things you can do right now to improve as a pitcher

  1. Run speed intervals that last no longer than 10 seconds.  Stop running distance!
  2. Plan to have an off-season to rebuild muscle tissue and progress to a new level of strength & power.
  3. Strengthen your pitching fingers… they insert on the medial elbow and can increase your elbow health.
  4. Grip the ground securely with your front foot on your stride landing. Press and feel it against the ground as you deliver your pitch. Its pushing against you as you push against it and this translates into a more powerful pitch.
  5. Restore the integrity of the rear of the shoulder after you pitch.
  6. Stop thinking warm-up for pitching (in the pre-game bullpen) and start thinking rehearsal for pitching. Turn on your high intensity physiological system before the game. The 1st inning is not for preparation.
  7. Understand that a curve ball is a very specific action at the wrist (radial flexion), not the elbow or shoulder.
  8. If you want to be powerful, get strong. Speed and power is a function of strength. Don’t be afraid to train in a gym…after all, the hitters are in there.
  9. Find out everything you can about taking care of your elbow because injuries to this joint can be career-threatening!
  10. Train your trunk muscles to rotate fast!