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Rest & Recovery Guidelines

Do you ever ask yourself …

How many pitches should my son throw in a game? I’m worried that his coach is overusing him. 

How many days of rest should I take before I pitch again?  I’m not sure I’m getting enough recovery.
One of my missions is to extend the career of all pitchers.  This mission is shared by the USA Baseball Medical and Safety Advisory Committee. Their objective is to provide guidelines that are scientifically-based to reduce the risk of injury and maximize the younger player’s ability to perform and advance to higher levels.  Because research has shown that there is a direct relationship between the number of pitches thrown and the risk of shoulder and elbow pain (Lyman, 2002), the following numbers are recommended:

Maximum Number of Pitches

AgeMaximum Pitches/GameMaximum Games/Week

Minimum Rest after Pitching

 Number of Pitches
Age1 Day of Rest2 Days of Rest3 Days of Rest4 Days of Rest

The actual answers to your questions, however, is more than the information that has been offered by the scientists and baseball professionals.  In my work, the pitcher and his personal characteristics play and important part in answering there questions.